Let me introduce you to all the exciting things we can do together, from designing a memorable, one-of-a-kind garment, or a full original outfit including accessories to retailoring your wardrobe. Prellezo designs for men, women, outskirts and in-betweens.        Let’s talk!


Prellezo Couture: Individual Garments  

Dresses, coats, jackets, shirts, skirts, vests and sweatshirts that I individually design and produce to fit your body and your needs. Each garment is hand-sewn with the best fabrics. Flattering and unique design details make for a truly one-of-a-kind garment that will announce your individuality and style to the world. Confidence boost and compliments guaranteed! Pricing starts at $250.


Prellezo Couture: The Full Cosmic Orgasm   

Two individual garments (meant to be worn together) plus a matching accessory. The items and combinations are endless. Some examples of a Full Cosmic Orgasm:

A dress with a matching coat and handbag
A jacket and skirt with a purse
Sweatshirt and coat plus backpack
Jacket, shirt, and necktie

The Full Cosmic Orgasm is the fastest way to make a major impact. The Gods of style won’t know what to do with themselves in your presence. Are you looking for a higher position in your company? A solo show? A record deal? Do you intend to conquer territories and hearts? The Full Cosmic Orgasm is the absolute way to go. Pricing starts at $950 and includes 2 sessions of personal styling.


Prellezo Couture: Wedding Fireworks

A top quality wedding dress of the highest artistic value designed and produced just for you.
I would never dare to forget my best friends, the brides! For you I want the most unforgettable, everlasting memory – so we’ll work together to create an heirloom-quality Prellezo wedding dress that’ll be admired forever! Pricing starts at $950 and it also includes 2 sessions of personal styling plus 1 consultation with my favorite hair and makeup artist.
PS- I’m a popular secret weapon among brides so I recommend booking your first consultation with me 6 months previous to the ceremony.

And if you’re not looking for anything new but would love to reconnect with your fly and fierce self, or gift the experience to a beloved one, while having an awesome time, you should check:



Prellezo Turnaround

A Styling and Closet Diving Session with a turnaround effect. I’ll introduce you to your body and measure your every corner so you get an understanding of how unique and special you are. Then we’ll dive into your closet (Got any skeletons? Cool! They can take notes! ) we’ll locate all the pieces and combinations that work best with your body type. This is for when instead of getting something new you want to revamp your look working with the awesome things you already have. Prellezo Turnaround is better than therapy! $90 for a two hour session. It’s a fun, highly informative and therapeutic session that works perfectly as a gift.


NOTE: All Prellezo garments are handmade and fully produced at my atelier in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Price varies depending on type of fabric, production time and construction complexity. Every Prellezo garment includes a fitting session and a mock-up sample of the piece previous to final construction.