Eszter, psychotherapist:Prellezo Ada Coat

The dress frees up a particular expression of femininity in me – power and self-confidence – it has always been there but the dress magnifies it and projects it outward like a lens.

Emily, musician:

After months of an increasingly desperate search for something to wear for my wedding, I remembered that Rocio was moving back to New York and called her to say ‘help!’ This ended up being the best decision I could have made! From start to finish the process was pure joy, celebration and excitement.  I felt honored to witness her artistry and meticulous craft. I often relayed the stories from our month working on this together to my friends, always with the refrain: this is how it should be!

Philip, visual artist:

It’s a crazy feeling, knowing that I’m the only person in the world with this piece of clothing. I’d commissioned Prellezo to make the shirt for a specific evening when I had to look my best, and now I can’t take it off.

Amara, academic:

My friend introduced me to Rocio, and just meeting her made the ice forming around my heart from the stress of the wedding begin to melt and I felt like I was speaking with someone I had known forever.

I couldn’t really put into words what I wanted in a dress, but Prellezo’s ethos made sense of the swirl of emotions that I had been feeling about the dress and the wedding day.

What I didn’t realize until after our project was complete was how much love and comfort such pieces can give you. It’s like being wrapped in a warm, graceful hug. You can’t help but glow. And when you couple that support with the fact that what you have on is also a perfect reflection of how you feel inside, you are immediately filled with the courage that comes from a strong sense of self, as you tap into a reserve that was already there, but needed to be properly channeled. Yes, this dress and coat do ALL of that. It was completely magical, in large part because Rocio is completely magical.

Madhu, writer:

 My Prellezo dress was made with exquisite care and attention. It fits beautifully and when I wear it I feel the warmth of the conversations and stories exchanged between Rocio and me along the way — it’s history. Wearing Prellezo gives me both comfort and confidence. I have never met a designer like Rocio, who takes so seriously not only the technical aspects of design, but also the pleasure and creation and the ethics of her process and of her relationship with clients. It is a joy to wear Prellezo.