Prellezo Rocio dress

Where do you sell your clothes?

I do my business exclusively at my studio in Manhattan. I don’t sell online or in stores because a personal connection is central to Prellezo.

What steps are involved in getting a Prellezo garment?

The typical process begins with you and I meeting at the Prellezo atelier to look at my classic core designs and discuss how you want to work with your body, and choose the colors and textures that best suite you. I pay special attention to the context in which this garment is going to be worn and what you want to accomplish with it. I stock hand-picked fabrics from international locations but if they don’t match your vision, you can choose one from one of Manhattan’s fabric stores with my assistance.

After the initial meeting, there are normally two fitting sessions: first, you will try on a sample of the garment rendered in canvas toile, and we’ll decide on any changes and adjustments in the design. At the next and final session, you will receive your unique Prellezo garment and we’ll have a styling consultation to make sure you wear it with the fullest impact.

We will meet a minimum of three times and if you are busy I will come to you for the fittings. Depending on the complexity of the project, the full process can take from two weeks to a month for completion.

How do payment and pricing work?

A basic price list is available upon request. Once I receive a 50% deposit I begin creating the piece. Most Prellezo garments are highly customized, so the price varies accordingly. A Prellezo garment is an investment. I’m committed to making Prellezo approachable haute couture, so we will always find a way to make it work for you.

What’s your Instagram? Where can I Like this on Facebook?

Prellezo began completely offline. Now I have this site, and a newsletter you can sign up for. The rest happens face to face. I myself am not on social media and neither is my brand.

What does the name mean?

Prellezo, pronounced prey-yay-thō, is one of my last names: a branch in my mother’s family that ended a few generations ago. It’s also a rocky area by the beach in the North of Spain. I chose this name for its playful sound and to honor my family roots.

Who wears Prellezo?

I dress memorable individuals who create memorable situations around them. I see my clients as enjoying being grown-ups, not fond of rules, not living by the mandate to be liked and be like everyone else. Definitely no cookie-cutter beauties!